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Apoquel Customer Reviews

Apoquel Customer Reviews


Are all itching dogs good candidates for Apoquel?

That’s a question many dog owners ask themselves.  You’ve probably asked yourself that too.

All dogs are different.  Just like we have different reactions to drugs, dogs can also experience a wide range of reactions to medications.  Do your own research and educate yourself on the benefits and risks.  This will help you make the best decision for your dog.

For dogs that suffer with severe allergy symptoms the benefits of Apoquel are impressive.  

Haley and Elaine

Before I started Haley on Apoquel, she was miserable. She would spend a good deal of time scratching her ears, licking her paws and belly, rubbing her face and chin on the carpet and looking at me with those red, itchy eyes. She was able to get immediate relief from Apoquel. All of her allergy symptoms disappeared; no more itching and scratching, her eyes are no longer red and itchy, her belly rash caused by constant licking cleared up and she’s a much happier dog*

Molly and Krista

Within the first couple of days after starting APOQUEL Molly was a completely different dog. She had done a complete 180° with her personality and her energy level.**

Nani and Leisa

I gave her the first dose APOQUEL at night. She did not scratch or itch at all that night. Nani now can sleep at night, go outside and play, she has a better quality of life.**

Captain and Ashley

Within a week of starting Apoquel, he had his cone off and he looked like a normal dog, which was amazing when for the last 2 years we’d watch him steadily decrease in health every day.**


My dog had a terrible recurring skin condition for some time. A friend recommended this and it has been fantastic. 6 months on and his skin is fabulous. ***


Best anti-allergy product ever. Spent 100's of dollars on all sorts of shampoos, allergen free pet foods, tried everything. Apoquel worked like a dream. No more strange looks or questions from strangers "what's wrong with your dog’s skin." No more sore itchy patches on my dog’s skin, no more sleepless nights with constant sound of my dog scratching and nibbling at herself. So happy my vet recommended Apoquel, worth every penny.***


My dog suffers with allergies in respect to grass, dust and almost any other mite. Apoquel is the only thing that eases the itchiness.***


These have been very successful in treating my French bulldogs ongoing skin complaint, coupled with the Malaseb shampoo his flaky skin and itchy bumps are kept at bay.***


My miniature schnauzer suffers from itchy skin, Apoquel works great and keeps the itchies under control.***


This product transformed our border collie who had skin problems and always itching with very little hair. She now does not scratch and her hair has come back what a transformation we can highly recommend this product with no side effects.***


We were prescribed these by our vet for my itchy Labradoodle. They stopped the itching within 48 hours.***


My min pin X had chronic itching from allergies. Due to the fact that it can be so time consuming, financially draining and then you may still not be able to find the cause of the allergy, we decided to try Apoquel. She has been on the pill once a day for more than a year, and it has helped her tremendously. She does get ear infections on occasion which I treat by cleaning her ears once a week and putting in otomax drops twice a day for a few days and she is good to go. I did not want to continue using prednisone, so Apoquel has been a life saver for both of us, giving her a much better quality of life.****


Great has totally stopped my Bichon from scratching till her skin went red, would definitely recommend!***


We have tried this before, but our dog was bitten by a snake and it didn't work so well. However we have now tried it again after he has completely recovered and finding it very good, but it is winter so we are waiting to see what happens when the spring comes. Hoping it will be the same and he doesn't have to go back to steroids.***


Brilliant, so much better than being on steroids his skin and coat are in great shape.***


After spending a fortune on different products to try and stop my bulldogs itching skin and paws my vet suggested Apoquel and like a miracle within half an hour of him taking his first tablets he had sloped itching and biting his paws.***


Apoquel 5.4mg is the ONLY product that seems to control/eradicate the excessive allergic reactions that our 12yr old Jack Russell suffered from. Since taking Apoquel he has largely stopped biting his own skin, paws and tail and though his ears are still very sensitive his treatment with Apoquel (which may last the rest of his life) has just begun and the symptoms seems to be reducing day-by-day.***









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